Toronto day tours - Ontario (Canada)

August 1, 2 - 2004

Are you looking for travel info on Toronto? Or info about the tourist attractions in Toronto? Toronto is the most populous city in Canada and is located in Ontario along the shores of the homonomous lake. The city itself hosts various attractions for tourists, including many museums, the CN tower and the architecture of the downtown. Not too far from Toronto city center, there are the islands on lake Ontario and by a relatively short drive, it will be possible to visit Niagara Falls.

British Airways B767 London UK
London UK London UK
British Airways Flight London Toronto
How to get to Toronto from Europe? Toronto has many direct or connecting flights with major airports throughout Europe. In these photos, the flight from Rome to Toronto via London Heathrow. From top to bottom, the B767 from Rome to London overflying London downtown before landing at LHR. Finally the B777 from London to Toronto and the today's route.


Toronto downtown Toronto downtown Toronto downtown
Pictures of Toronto taken during an hike in the modern downtown.


Toronto downtown Toronto downtown
The Toronto tour continues to the CN Tower, at time of this trip review, the world's highest building (including antenna on the top).


CN Tower
Pictures of Toronto CN Tower.


Toronto view from CN Tower Toronto view from CN Tower
The CN Tower has observation decks from where there is a beautiful view on the city and on the surroundings.


Toronto city center airport
Toronto view from CN Tower Top left picture: Toronto City Center airport; Above: walking on the glass floor on the top of CN Tower; left picture: view from the second (and the highest) observation deck.


Toronto residential area
The residential area in city's center and the bed and Breakfast where I stayed.


Ontario Science Center Ontario Science Center
Toronto, like Ottawa, is home to many interesting museums. I start the tour of Toronto museums from the Ontario Science Center.


Ontario Science Center Ontario Science Center
The Ontario Science Center in Toronto has a simulated rainforest and its creatures hosted in aquariums and terrariums.


Toronto, Ontario
The following day, the tour in Toronto continues by ferry to the Toronto islands.


Toronto islands Toronto islands
Pictures of Toronto Islands. On the islands there is a nice park with well maintained trails and a lot of green. This is a popular destination for people living in Toronto, during weekends.


Toronto islands Toronto islands
The downtown of Toronto seen from Toronto Islands.


Ontario lake
The Toronto Islands have also a sandy beach onto Ontario lake, where clothing is optional.


And small lakes with nice vegetation on Toronto Islands.


Ontario lake - Toronto
Finally, after a very long walk on Toronto Islands, I take the ferry back to downtown, leaving from a different dock.


Royal Ontario Museum Royal Ontario Museum
Royal Ontario Museum Royal Ontario Museum
The day continues with a long visit to Royal Ontario Museum, where world's history (and much more) is nicely represented and commented.


Royal Ontario Museum


Royal Ontario Museum Royal Ontario Museum
Royal Ontario Museum Royal Ontario Museum
Pictures from Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.


Royal Ontario Museum
A collection of minerals inside Royal Ontario Museum.


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