Second camp on Skraeling island

11, 12, 13 Agust - 2004

Our kayak expedition to Ellesmere island continues with a long, but not particularly strenous, paddling trip heading back to Skrealing islands where we will set a new camp on a different spot. The island is interesting for the many arctic birds and for more archeological artifacts left by ancient Eskimos.

Arctic ocean
We start a long day of paddling, going back to another island of Skrealing group. The trip is about 7 hours, but it's not particularly tiring as it looks to be.


Ellesmere island
At about halfway, we stop in a suitable place (basically, some rocks coming out from Artic ocean) for the lunch break.



Soon, we leave again, continuing our kayak trip along the eastern coast of Ellesmere island, between icebergs and ice floes.


Ellesmere island
In late evening (or night?) we arrive in another area of Skrealing island, where we camp.


High arctic camping
Ellesmere island The weather improves and there is now a nice sky with a beautiful sun light.


Nunavut Nunavut Nunavut
Photos of walrus bones around the tents.


The Twin Glacier on the opposite side of Alexandra Fiord.


Skraeling island Skraeling island
Skraeling island
Pictures of bones, including walrus and whales.


Tent ring on Skraeling island Skraeling island
As for the other Skrealing island, there are lots of tent rings and other archeological remains left by ancient Esimos.



Ptamaran Ptamaran
Ptamaran Ptamaran
Pictures of Ptamarans. Skreaking island is interesting for birds also and we often had dozens of Ptamarans feeding around the tents.


arctic tern
An arctic tern didn't hesitate to attack everybody tried to climb an hill too much close to a nest.


Lichens Orange lichen
Beautiful orange lichens (about 3cm in diamater)


Lichens Lichens
Lichens Lichens
Photos of lichens, displaying different species.


Orange lichens Orange lichens
Orange lichen sometimes cover large areas of the rocks.


Silene acaulis Saxifraga oppositifolia
Silene acaulis (about 4cm) Saxifraga oppositifolia (about 4cm)


A caterpillar, about 3cm long.


Fox trap Fox trap
A nice fox trap with top entrance, still left thousands of years ago by ancient Eskimos.




Skraeling island Skraeling island
A view from the top of a nearby hill.


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