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Suggested itinerary for a tour to Canada

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Canada is the fourth country in the world by extension and includes, at 2014, ten provinces and three territories. Despite the immense area, Canada is at the same time one of the least populated countries in the world, in fact, at least three quarters of the population are concentrated in the southern cities along the border with the United States, while the northern regions, except for some isolated hamlet, are essentially uninhabited and can be considered as huge icy deserts. The main objectives of my trips to Canada were essentially those remote territories, such as Ellesmere Island, Baffin Island, or the last outposts like Churchill and Yellowknife. Since these destinations require transits, with long layover time, through major cities of southern Canada such as Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Edmonton, I took each time the opportunity to visit more in depth also those interesting cities.


Canada is a country with great nature and boundless landscapes ranging from world's biggest lakes in the east, to the immense prairies of the center, to the beautiful Rocky Mountains to the west, ending up with the harsh Arctic regions. The southern cities along the border with the USA show a livable environment, with plenty of museums, large green areas and, for those interested, with world's biggest shopping malls where you can find everything. Therefore a trip to Canada is suitable either for those who want to tour the beautiful cities of the south, or for those seeking a journey in contact with nature among the unspoilt landscapes. In this travelogue are collected photos and information on major cities in Canada, but on this same web site there are additional travelogues focusing on polar bears in Churchill, the harsh nature of Ellesmere island by kayak, as well as the Arctic spring on Baffin Island, a beautiful expedition in Nunavut.


Most of the major cities in Canada are connected by direct flights onto European capitals and larger hubs, therefore, it is usually possible to get to your final destination in Canada, with a direct flight. Domestic travel in Canada are ensured through an excellent route network and flights are usually affordable, unless you are going to Nunavut, NWT or other remote destinations. VIA Rail, Canada's national railway company, provides connections between major southern cities and includes a long branch north to Churchill (although moving by train on such long distances is not efficient or cheap, this way to travel gives better opportunities to enjoy the landscape, especially if traveling through the Rocky mountains). Renting a car in Canada is always a great and very popular alternative, as it's easy and safe to move through the country, usually even in winter.


Although many tourists choose the summer, there isn't actually a best season to visit Canada, since the choice basically depends on what you expect from the trip, rather than by weather conditions. The best time to visit cities throughout Canada is probably from late spring to early autumn (perhaps avoiding the hottest time in the middle of summer), with early autumn becoming probably the most interesting time of the year, as most trees change color to yellow and red, making the atmosphere particularly suggestive. If you want to do snowmobiling or dog sledge tours, maybe on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains or in the Arctic, of course you have to choose the winter and be ready to deal with temperatures that can drop many degrees below freezing point. The best time to observe polar bears in Churchill is between the end of October and beginning of November, while in the northern regions the probability of observing the aurora borealis rise when the days are very short (so, November to January inclusive).


Canada is a safe country with friendly people and, depending on the province, the main language is either English and/or French. Apart from some tours that require trained guides, such as Arctic expeditions or safaris to observe polar bears, most of the activities can be easily organized on a "do-it-yourself" base, by booking accommodation, international & domestic travel, car rental and, maybe, excursions & day tours. Nowadays all the local operators and hotels accept bookings via the Internet, so you can easily arrange everything in advance, a solution particularly recommended if you are traveling in peak season during the months of July and August, or maybe during the New Year celebrations. Many tour operators offer in any case complete packages that include a variety of itineraries to travel either independently or in groups.

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Ottawa city tour Tour to Ottawa and information about Ottawa <<-- GO
Excursion to Ottawa, Canada's capital, to discover the many interesting museums that this welcoming city hosts such as Museum of Civilization, the Museum of Nature and the Museum of Science and Technology.
Montreal Notre Dame Tour to Montreal and information about Montreal <<-- GO
Trip to Montreal in the Canadian state of Quebec, with a tour to the beautiful Notre Dame Basilica and numerous walks through the streets of the oldest and newest parts of the city. Montreal is also home to several museums dedicated to nature.
Hotel Château Frontenac Tour to Quebec City and information on Quebec City <<-- GO
Trip to Quebec City, the oldest city in the North American continent, with a history of over 400 years and countless historic buildings, churches and antique shops.
Edmonton city tour Tour to Edmonton and information on Edmonton <<-- GO
Two-days trip to Edmonton, with a tour to Edmonton West Mall (the largest shopping mall in Canada), to the Ukrainian Cultural Village and to Elk Island National Park, home to bison, elk and beavers.
Toronto city tour Tour to Toronto and information on Toronto <<-- GO
Two-days trip to Toronto, strolling in the downtown and visiting several museums. Excursion to CN Tower and to Toronto Islands on Lake Ontario, where even the locals spend their free time.

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Ice floe edge Expedition in Nunavut along an ice floe edge <<-- GO
Travelogue from an expedition in Nunavut, near the Inuit community of Pond Inlet on the northern coast of Baffin Island, in search of Arctic wildlife that lives along the edge of the sea ice.
Polar bear Classical polar bear safari in Churchill <<-- GO
Journey to Churchill during the beginning of winter, when the Hudson Bay freezes and polar bears begin their long march from the tundra to the ice.
Ellesmere island Kayak expedition to Ellesmere island <<-- GO
Kayak tour in the wilderness of Ellesmere Island, hundreds of miles away from the nearest town. Excursions in Resolute Bay and Yellowknife, cities visited during short stops.

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