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June 17th, 2014 

Are you looking for travel info on Montreal? This travelogue focuses on Montreal (Quebec), illustrating the most important attractions like the Notre Dame basilica, the Latin Quartier, the underground city (RESO) and the museums dedicated to nature. Of course, you will find here also pictures from hikes in Montreal among the older or most modern parts of the city.

Montreal Place d'Armes

The tour in Montreal starts from Place d'Armes, where the monument in the center of the square is dedicated to Paul de Chomedey, founder of Montreal. The square is surrounded by several buildings, such as the New York Life building and the cathedral of Notre Dame.
The Basilica of Notre Dame is probably the most famous and most visited attraction in Montreal. It is located in the central Place d'Armes, was built between 1824 and 1829 and has a neo-Gothic style facade.
Notre Dame Notre Dame Montreal
Organ pipe

Photos of Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal. The Notre-Dame Basilica is open to the public and is visited daily by hundreds of tourists. The interior of the cathedral are brightly colored in gold, silver, blue, red and purple, while the furnishings are made of finely carved wooden statues.
Basilica Notre Dame

More pictures of Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal. The furnishings in the church, consisting of statues and wooden structures, are finely carved and colored. Unlike most churches, the windows do not illustrate biblical scenes, but describe the history of religion in the province of Montreal.
Notre Dame Montreal
Sacred heart chapel

In the above-left picture, a close-up on the altar of the Basilica of Notre Dame. In the top-right picture, a roof window. In the bottom-left picture, the chapel of the Sacred Heart, that was rebuilt after being destroyed by fire in 1978.
The trip to Montreal continues walking among the oldest streets in the city center.
Large green spaces in downtown Montreal contain achievements in contemporary art or, during the sunny days, they host games and attractions such as a giant chess board.
Garden in Montreal giant chess board
Quartier Latin Montreal Latin Quartier
Pictures of Montreal. Walk through the streets of the Quarter Latin.
RESO Montreal RESO
Montreal is a city with a notoriously harsh winter weather, so a dense network of underground tunnels that integrates with several subway stations and with the lobby of the major skyscrapers, make-up a real underground city (RESO) where you can move for kilometers without never going outside.
Montreal underground city
Photos of underground Montreal (RESO). The complex of tunnels under the city of Montreal is the largest livable underground network in the world and is home to numerous shops, restaurants and activities of all kinds.
Montreal downtown

Photos of the modern districts of downtown Montreal.
Montreal Bioshpere
An island in the middle of the St. Lawrence River, that can be reached by both subway or boat, is home to the Parc Jean Drapeau, a large green area of the city, where there is also a museum of the biosphere.
Jean Drapeau park Park in Montreal
Photos of Parc Jean Drapeau in Montreal.
The tour to Montreal continues visiting the botanical gardens.
Montreal Botanical Gardens

The greenhouses of the botanical garden of Montreal are divided into areas containing plants belonging to different ecosystems.
Botanical Gardens in Montreal Oriental style garden
The huge outdoor gardens of the botanical garden in Montreal are divided by topic, ranging from the rose gardens and the gardens in oriental style.
Collection of butterflies Montreal Insectarium
Terrariums with insects Giant spider
The botanical garden of Montreal also hosts an insectary where there are display cases with insects, arachnids and myriapods classified by geographical areas.
Montreal Biodome
The Montreal Biodome houses instead replications of the various ecosystems of the world.
Turquoise Montreal

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