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June 18th, 2014 

Are you looking for travel info on Quebec City? This travelogue focuses on Quebec City in Canada, wonderful UNESCO city and oldest capital of the North American continent, offering the opportunity to spend some pleasant day in this picturesque corner of Quebec. Although a complete tour of the city and surrounding area require a couple of full days, you can also visit Quebec City as a day tour from Montreal using tour buses.

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac
The first building that catches your eye as soon as you arrive in Quebec City is probably the Château Frontenac (Fairmont Le Château Frontenac), a structure completed at the end of the 19th century, built on top of a hill, that is currently an hotel with capacity for thousands of people.
Place Royale
The tour in Quebec City begins from Basse-Ville (lower town), the neighborhood at the foot of the hill, where the Royal Square (Place Royale) and the ancient church of Notre-Dame-des-Victoires are located. The construction of Notre-Dame-des-Victoires began in 1687 to end in 1723 and, over the following centuries, has received numerous maintenance and restoration works.
Altar of Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church in Quebec City
Pictures of Notre-Dame-des-Victoires church in Quebec City.
Rue St. Pierre
Photos of Basse-Ville district of Quebec City. This narrow street is home to some of the most antique shops of the North American continent.
Giant mural
Fresque des Québécois

A large fresco recently painted (Fresque des Québécois), illustrates the history of Quebec, starting from 4 centuries ago.
Restaurant in Quebec City
Cable car Quebec City cable car
The tour to Quebec City continues moving to the upper parts of the city by cable car.
Château Frontenac
hotel Château Frontenac

More photos of the old hotel Château Frontenac, a structure that has the reputation of being the most photographed hotel in the world (Quebec City is visited each year by 2-3 million tourists coming from all parts of the planet).
St. Lawrence River St. Lawrence
The uptown of Quebec City offers captivating views of the St. Lawrence River, not far from the estuary of the Atlantic Ocean.
Anglican church Holy Trinity church
Holy Trinity

Photo of the Cathedral of Quebec City dedicated to the Trinity (Holy Trinity), the Anglican church built in 1800 and consecrated in the same period. The interior of the church has a neoclassic style.

Morrin Quebec City
Morrin building in Quebec City, which was also built in 1800 and housed the prisons.
Quebec City Quebec City
Shopping in Quebec City
Rue St. Anne
Photos of Quebec City, walking through the old streets of the city.
The Treasury street, recently converted to an open-air art gallery.
Antique door
Old shop

The tour in Quebec City continues walking among old and modern shops.
Notre Dame of Quebec Church in Quebec City
basilica Notre-Dame of Quebec

Photos of the basilica Notre-Dame of Quebec, a richly decorated church in the Baroque style and declared a historical monument in 1966.

Photography in Quebec City
Taking photos in Quebec City.
Montmorency Falls
Montmorency Quebec
Photos of Montmorency Falls. If the time at your disposal during your tour to Quebec City permits, a few kilometers from the city you can visit the Montmorency Falls. The falls are 84 meters high and 46 meters wide. Optionally, there is also a cable car that leads to the top of the waterfall, from where you can go back even on foot in about 2-3 hours, hiking through beautiful scenery.

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