Flight from Europe to Ushuaia via Buenos Aires

March 2nd, 2005 

Getting to Ushuaia is a long trip regardless of your departing city, however, the flight to Ushuaia can be particularly long for passengers not coming from American continent. As the ship to Antarctica will not wait for you, arriving to Ushuaia well early is a good idea to create an extra time buffer, in case flights or luggages are delayed.

Flight Madrid Buenos Aires Flight Madrid Buenos Aires
Flying from Madrid to Buenos Aires on an Iberia's Airbus A340-600.
Flight Madrid Buenos Aires
A camera installed outside the aircraft, shows the airplane itself and the scenery below.
Austral MD-80 Austral MD80
Austral MD-80 Flight Buenos Aires - Ushuaia
After an on-time landing in Buenos Aires EZE (international) airport and a transfer to Buenos Aires AEP (national) airport, I finally board an Austral Lineas MD80 ready to fly to Ushuaia. The transfer time from Buenos Aires international to national airport is not too long and there are many collective taxis in addition to private transfers, however, it's best to have at least 4 hours of spare time from scheduled arrival time of international flight and the departure of the flight to Ushuaia.
Austral MD80
Another Austral MD80 at Buenos Aires domestic airport.
Buenos Aires AEP airport
Buenos Aires AEP airport
Buenos Aires panorama Buenos Aires dock
A view on Buenos Aires, after taking off from AEP domestic airport. This airport is located near Buenos Aires downtown and handles mainly domestic flights within Argentina and some international flight too. Most international flights are usually based in EZE airport on the opposite side of the city.

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