Review of Professor Molchanov ship

March 3rd-21st, 2005 

Are you looking for information on Antarctica cruise ships? In this review you will find photos and information about Prof. Molchanov ship, an expedition Russian vessel often used for cruises to Antarctica and to the Arctic. This ship is very versatile and can navigate easily into smaller bays and channels, even if filled with ice, thanks to the reinforced hull. Regardless these features, the ship is still comfortable enough to accommodate 50 tourists plus crew.

Prof. Molchanov Prof. Molchanov
Photos of Prof. Molchanov during the embarkation in Ushuaia, before leaving for an Antarctica cruise.
Prof. Molchanov cabins Prof. Molchanov cabins
Pictures of Prof. Molchanov showing my cabin, a triple with 2 lower beds, 1 upper bed, a desk with chair, and sufficient space to store all the things. The ship has only two triple cabins and, as they are the cheapest, they are usually sold-out far in advance. Of course, the travel agency will find room mates if you are traveling alone and want to avoid the expensive single supplement. Other cabins available are double and twin of different sizes and features.
Prof. Molchanov cabins
Prof. Molchanov dining rooms Prof. Molchanov dining rooms
The two dining rooms of the Prof. Molchanov ship.
The bar, where lectures and briefings are usually hold.

The stairs and the corridors.
Prof. Molchanov bridge Prof. Molchanov bridge
Prof. Molchanov bridge Prof. Molchanov bridge
More photos of Molchanov ship. The ship has an open bridge policy. This is one of the best place to observe the wildlife, in a warm and comfortable environment.
Mr. Radar.
On the right, the zodiacs used for our landings. Above: a lifeboat.
Prof. Molchanov in Antarctica
The various decks where to relax when it's dry and the sea is calm.
Prof. Molchanov bow
The bow and the bridge of Prof. Molchanov ship.

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