Excursion to Port Lockroy - British base in Antarctica

March 7th, 2005 

Have you ever dreamed of visiting (or living) in a scientific base in Antarctica? Most cruises to Antarctica give the opportunity to visit a base with scientists or other staff , to check what they do and to enjoy the surrounding landscape. The excursion in program for today is at the British Antarctica base located in Port Lockroy, where there is a post office, a small museum and a nice colony of Gentoo penguins under study. Port Lockroy is located on Goutier Island, just off the Antarctica continent (along the Antarctic peninsula) where your passport can be optionally stamped with "Antarctica".

Port Lockroy - Antarctica Port Lockroy - Antarctica
Arriving on Goutier Island in Antarctica where Port Lockroy, a British Antarctica base (base A) is located.
Port Lockroy - Antarctica Port Lockroy - British base in Antarctica
Gentoo penguins Gentoo penguins
Pictures of Port Lockroy British base and the Gentoo penguins around the station.
Molting gentoo penguin Molting gentoo penguins
Moulting penguin Penguin on molt
Penguin on moult

Pictures of moulting penguins at different stages. These young penguins change their feathers in March, before the winter comes.
Penguin moult
Photo of penguin during moult.
Molting penguins Moulting penguins
Penguin molt Penguin moult
More penguin moult pictures.
Gentoo penguin Gentoo penguin
Gentoo penguins

Gentoo penguins in Port Lockroy, around the British station in Antarctica.
Port Lockroy - British station in Antarctica
Photos of Port Lockroy in Antarctica, with the interesting wildlife all around.
Antarctica Antarctica
Antarctica Antarctica
The landscape surrounding this British base in Antarctica is dominated by rock, glaciers and majestic mountains.
Whale bones Whale bones
Whale bones Antarctic peninsula
Gentoo penguins walking and nesting between whale bones.
Gentoo penguins
Antarctica Antarctic peninsula
Gentoo penguin
Antarctica glacier Antarctica icebergs
The wonderful Antarctica landscape, made of glaciers and icebergs trapped on the beach.
The weather is slowing improving, and a pale sun appears between the clouds.
Penguin in Antarctica Penguin in Antarctica
Skua eating a dead penguin
A skua is eating a dead penguin.
Wind swept peaks. The wind in Antarctica is one of the most serious factor.
Antarctica cruise Antarctica cruise
Antarctica cruise Antarctica cruise
Antarctica cruise Antarctica cruise
Antarctica cruise

The weather is getting now perfect, while the cruise ship leaves Port Lockroy for the next destination.

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