Excursion in Antarctica to Neko Harbour

March 7th, 2005 

Neko Harbour, along the Antarctic Peninsula is a place of amazing beauty, with majestic glaciers ending into the sea and releasing icebergs big like an house. The landscape in Neko Harbour during a beautiful sunny day, is probably one of the most beautiful you can see in Antarctica and, among the landscape, there are thousands of fur seals and Gentoo penguins wandering on the beach and swimming in the bay.

Neko Harbour - Antarctica
The cruise ship reaches Neko Harbour along Antarctica Peninsula under a beautiful sunny day.
Antarctica Antarctica

A zodiac excursion to Neko Harbour reveals lot lot of Gentoo penguins and Fur seals, immersed in a spectacular Antarctic landscape.
Neko Harbour - Antarctica Neko Harbour - Antarctica
Neko Harbour - Antarctica

The beautiful Antarctica landscape at Neko Harbour bay, located along the Antarctic Peninsula. The icebergs are released by enormous glaciers coming down from the mountains and ending directly into the sea.
Antarctic peninsula
A panoramic photo of Antarctica along Neko Harbour.
Gentoo penguin Fur seals
Pictures of gentoo penguin and fur seals from Neko Harbour in Antarcica.
Antarctic peninsula

More photos of gentoo penguins and fur seals that live all together, sharing the space on the beach.
Antarctic peninsula Glacier in Antarctica

Photos of Antarctica. Above and left pictures: a majestic glacier ends into the bay, calving huge icebergs quite frequently.
Neko Harbour - Antarctica Neko Harbour - Antarctica
More photos of landscape in Antarcica.
Antarctic Peninsula Antarctica

Ice, Ice... Ice!
Gentoo penguins Gentoo penguins
Gentoo penguins Gentoo penguins
The gentoo penguins in Neko Harbour are nesting also on the snow along a slope, near the beach.
Fur seals
Fur seal and penguin Fur seal
Pictures of Fur seals and penguins.
Yes ???
Please, come closer to me... I would like to kiss you!!!
Fur seal in Antarctica Fur seal in Antarctica
Lazy fur seal Fur seal in Antarctica
More photos of Fur seals that looks to be very lazy.
Gentoo penguins
Fur seals and penguins Fur seals in Antarctica
Fur seal

The Fur seals are quite aggressive and sometimes they to not hesitate to charge humans also. When walking it's particularly important to keep the correct distance from a fur seal and to not disturb them.
Gentoo penguins Gentoo penguins
One seal and three gentoos.
Gentoo penguin Gentoo penguins
Gentoo penguins Gentoo penguins
Photos of gentoo penguins starting to swim from the beach.
Avalanche in Antarctica
An avalanche.
leopard seal leopard seal
After a long excursion enjoying the beautiful Antarctica landscape at Neko Harbour, we have a short zodiac cruise around the bay, before returning to the ship. On an ice floe, we spot a huge leopard seal.
Antarctica Antarctic peninsula
Antarctica cruise

Some more photos of Neko Harbour and the amazing landscape all around. It's now time to go back to the ship and continue the cruise along Antarctica Peninsula.

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