Antarctica cruise to Orne Island among huge icebergs

March 7th, 2005 

Orne Island is a small island just off the Antarctic Peninsula and is surrounded by nice blue icebergs, where is possible to have a safe cruise around them aboard the zodiacs. In Orne Island, I meet the Chinstrap penguins for the first time during this Antarctica cruise, and I continue to spot more leopard seals.

Antarctic Peninsula Antarctica Peninsula
Antarctica Peninsula Antarctic Peninsula
The cruise ship is anchroed in this beautiful channel just off the Antarctica Peninsula. An exciting zodiac cruise with a landing on Orne island awaits us.
Leopard seal Leopard seal
During the zodiac cruise, we spot a leopard seal resting on an ice floe.
Iceberg Antarctica iceberg
Antarctica iceberg

An incredible, colorful iceberg just off Orne Island.
Orne Island
Picture of Orne island, a very rocky place partially covered by snow.
Orne Island - Antarctica
Here, I encounter for the first time during this cruise to Antarctica, a Chinstrap penguin.
Chinstrap penguin
Chinstrap penguins Gentoo penguin
Fur seal

Of course, in Orne Island there are also Gentoo penguins and Fur seals.
Antarctica sunset Antarctica sunset
Antarctica sunset Antarctica sunset
After the excursion to Orne Island, the cruise to Antarctica continues under a sunset in the clear and crystalline air of the white continent.

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