Chinstrap penguin colony at Half Moon Island in Antarctica

March 8th, 2005 

Half Moon Island is located in South Shetlands archipelago, just off Antarctic peninsula, and is so called because of its shape. Half Moon Island is home to a Chinstrap penguins colony counting many thousands of individuals, together with many other birds and fur seals. Chinstrap penguin is also called "ringed penguin"", "bearded penguins" or "stonecracker penguins" and is widely spread in Antarctica and sub-antarctic islands.

Chinstrap penguins
A small group of Chinstrap penguins greet us as soon as we disembark on Half Moon island.
Chinstrap penguin
Half Moon Island
Picture of Half Moon Island, with its grey rocks.
Penguin colony Penguin colony
Penguin colony

Half moon island is home to a colony of Chinstrap penguins, hosting thousands of birds. Click HERE to hear the sound from Chinstrap penguins.
Chinstrap penguins
Pictures of Chinstrap penguins.
Chinstrap penguins Moulting penguin
Like other species of penguins, most Chinstraps are molting during March.
Chinstrap penguin Chinstrap penguin
Chinstrap penguin

More photos of Chinstrap penguins on Half Moon Island in South Shetland, Antarctica.
penguin colony penguin colony
penguin colony penguin colony
The Chinstrap penguin colony, litterally "covering" several parts of the island.
Orange lichen in Antarctica
An orange lichen growing extensively on Half Moon Island's rocks.
Chinstrap penguins Chinstrap penguins
More photos of Half Moon Island.
Orange lichen
As visible in this picture, the orange color of the huge rock in the background, is given by the same lichen.
South Shetland South Shetland
Half Moon Island Half Moon Island
The typical landscape of Half Moon Island, South Shetland, Antarcitca
Chinstrap penguins
Fur seal Fur seal
Fur seals living on South Shetland islands and on Half Moon Island.
Half Moon island
In this picture there are several seals and penguins Can you see them?
Penguin skull Penguin beack
Penguin 's skull and, on the right, a macro of the beack seen from inside.
Skua eating penguin
A skua is eating a dead penguin.

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