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March 9th, 2005 

Most cruises to Antarctica call at Elephant Island, an epic place where part of the Shackleton's expedition members camped waiting for a rescue. We are lucky enough to set foot at Point Wild, where Shackleton's camp was located, visiting the memorial to Frank Wild, the glacier where the explorers got fresh water, and the penguing colony where they got their... meals. Elephant Island has a very rugged coastline composing a beautiful landscape, but the frequent extreme weather makes landings difficult.

Elephant Island panorama
Panoramic photo of Elephant Island in Antarctica. A panoramic view of Elephant Island: unfortunately it's not always easy to approach this island, because of the frequently rough sea. However, we are today lucky today, as we set foot at Point Wild, even if just for a few minutes.
Frank Wild memorial
Photo of Point Wild, with the memorial dedicated to Frank Wild and to the Shackleton expedition.
Elephant Island Elephant Island - Antarctica
Photos of Elephant Island. Elephant Island, located off the northernmost tip of Antarctic Peninsula, has a very austere aspect, especially in bad weather.
Point Wild Elephant Island
An enormous colony of Chinstrap penguins is located at Point Wild. This colony was an important source of food for the members of Shackleton expeditions, while waiting for a rescue.
Chinstrap penguins Chinstrap penguins
Chinstrap penguins Chinstrap penguins
Chinstrap penguins Chinstrap penguins
More photos of Elephant Island, where a majestic glacier is the natural background for this colony of Chinstrap penguins.
Glacier on Elephant Island Glacier on Elephant Island
Glacier on Elephant Island Antarctica glacier
Antarctica glacier

Pictures of Elephant Island. The beautiful glacier at Point Wild, used by Shackleton expedition members to get fresh water while waiting for the rescue. A zodiac cruise near the wall of ice, gives an idea about how big the glacier is.
Point Wild - Elephant Island Point Wild - Elephant Island
Trying to land at Point Wild, on Elephant Island, from the zodiacs.
Point Wild - Elephant Island
The place where Shackleton expedition has camped, is more or less where the Fur seals are located, in the center of the picture.

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