South Orkney and Shingle Cove

March 10th, 2005 

Cruising from Antarctica to South Georgia, a short tour of the South Orkney islands represents a nice break, thanks to the interesting landscape, the penguins, the elephant seals, the fur seals and lot of enormous, very colorful icebergs often remaining trapped into the bays.

Icebergs on radar
The South Orkney Islands are an iceberg paradise and approaching them may be sometimes difficult, as visible from Mr. Radar above.
South Orkney islands Glacier
Iceberg Glacier
South Orkney islands

Shingle Cove is a charming and quiet place in South Orkney islands, full of colorful icebergs and glaciers flowing into the sea. South Orkney islands are a nice addition to any Antarctica cruise navigation from or to South Georgia.
South Orkney Ice
Pictures of South Orkney islands
Orange lichen
A nice frozen waterfall, between rocks covered by orange lichens.
Fur seals Elephant seals
South Orkneys

But the biggest surprise of South Orkney islands is on the beach, where a large number of fur seals and elephant seals are resting during the moult.
Fur seals Fur seals
Elephant seals Elephant seals
More photos of South Orkney islands. Fur seals and elephant seals sharing the beach at Shingle Cove, a protected bay in South Orkney islands. Most seals are mouting before the winter comes.
Seals - South Orkneys islands
Seals - South Orkneys islands Elephant seal
Pictures of young elephant seals and a fur seal.
Elephant Seal
Lazy young elephant seal
Fighting Elephant Seal Fighting Elephant Seal
Elephant seals are very irritable animals and fights happen frequently.
Elephant seal
Picture of elephant seal during moult on South Orkney islands.
Elephant seals Elephant seals
Elephant seals

Molting elephant seals lay all together to save body's heat.
Penguin & elephant seal.
Fur seal
Pictures of fur seals resting on rocks inside the bay.
Shingle Cove - South Orkney
Huge blocks of ice are grounded on the beach during the high / low tide.
Moulting elephant seal
Moulting elephant seal photo.
Shingle Cove - South Orkney Shingle Cove - South Orkney
Shingle Cove - South Orkney Young elephant seal
More elephant seals at different stages of development.
Angry seal
Oooops... somebody did see where I've left my head???
Iceberg Antarctica iceberg
The cruise to South Orkney islands finishes with a nice zodiac cruise between the icebergs of Shingle Cove.
A very curious and interesting iceberg, showing a dark stripe in the middle. It was probably caused by some ancient volcanic eruption, and the subsequent accumulation of ash.

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