Cruise to South Georgia in Fortuna Bay and Prion Island

March 14th, 2005 

Fortuna Bay in South Georgia is interesting for the beautiful landscape and for the wildlife that includes penguins, elephant seals and fur seals. Instead Prion Island, just off South Georgia, is interesting for a colony of giant albatross. This is our last cruise day in South Georgia, before sailing north to the Falkland islands.

King penguins Fortuna Bay - South Georgia
Photo of Fortuna Bay in South Georgia, with king penguins coming to investigate after our landing.
King penguins
Elephant seal Elephant seal
Elephant seals Elephant seals
Pictures of elephant seals in South Goergia.
Tussoc vegetation Tussoc vegetation
The Tussoc vegetation growing in South Georgia, composed of large grass tuft, similar to other sub-antarctic islands.
Prion island - South Georgia Giant Antarctic Petrel
Giant Antarctic Petrel

The beach at Prion Island, with many Gentoo penguins, fur seals and giant antarctic petrels.
Prion Island - South Georgia Prion Island - South Georgia
Prion Island - South Georgia

Pictures of Prion island. We climb an hill, hoping to see nesting albatross. Many fur seals can be observed also at this considerable altitude...
Nesting albatross
And our hope is not disappointed, as we spot several nesting albatross all around.
Albatross Albatross
Albatross in South Georgia Albatross in South Georgia
Pictures of albatross in South Georgia.
Albatross Flying Albatross

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