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March 18th, 19th, 2005 

Most cruises to Antarctica and South Georgia calls at different islands of Falklands archipelago, usually for a couple of days, en route from and to Ushuaia. This reportage focuses on a cruise to Falkland Islands, including Carcass Island and New Island (West Point Island) for exciting wildlife like penguins, king cormorants, albatross and other rare birds. Although the Falkland Islands can't be compared to Antarctica, as there is no ice, the landscape is superb and the wildlife fantastic, with lot of bird species that you can't see elsewhere during the cuise to Antarctica (so, choosing a cruise that includes Falklands, certainly worth).

Antarctica cruise map
The itinerary of the cruise from Ushuaia to the Falklands, via Antarctic peninsula and South Georgia.
Stanley Stanley
Pictures of Stanley, the Falkland Islands capital, seen from the cruise ship.
Welcome to the Falkland Islands
Welcome to the Falkland Islands.
Stanley - Falkland Islands Stanley - Falkland Islands
Stanley - Falkland Islands Stanley - Falkland Islands
Stanley is the capital of the Falkland Islands and has about 2000 inhabitants, living in small homes. On the bottom-right picture, the cathedral and the whalebone arc.
Stanley cathedral Stanley cathedral
Stanley cathedral

Photos of the Stanley cathedral at the Falkland Islands.
Falkland islands 1982 war memorial
The 1982 Falkland Argentina war memorial.
Stanley Stanley
Stanley Stanley
The Falkland islands are a paradise for ornithologists and several different species of birds can be observed by just walking in the town. Most of such birds can't be found in Antarctica or South Georgia, so, chosing a cruise calling at Falkland Islands, certainly has sense.
Carcass Island Carcass Island
The cruise to Falkland Islands resumes from Stanley to Carcass Island.
magellanic penguin magellanic penguin
magellanic penguin

Carcass Island, within Falkland Islands archipelago, is home to Magellanic penguin (this is the only place throughout cruise to Antarctica and South Georgia, where I had the opportunity to see Magellanic penguins).
Carcass Island Carcass Island
Carcass island has a beautiful white sand beach. Although there are no icebergs or glaciers in the Falklands, the landscape is in any case beautiful, with many white sand secluded beaches.
New Island New Island
New Island - Falkland Islands

The next stop in the Falkland Island is on New Island and West Point Island.

Photos of Falkland Islands. New Island and West Point Island are home to thousands of rockhopper penguins, albatross, king cormorants and other birds.
Pictures of albatross in their nest.
rockhopper penguins rockhopper penguins
rockhopper penguins

Photos of rockhopper penguins, one of the world's smallest penguin, so called for their habit to climb cliffs by jumping from stone to stone.
rockhopper penguin rockhopper penguin
rockhopper penguin

More pictures of rockhopper penguins from the Falkland Islands. As many other penguin species, rockhopper penguins are molting during March.
Rockhopper penguin Rockhopper penguin
Rockhopper penguin Rockhopper penguin
King cormorants King cormorants
Pictures of king cormorants from Falkland Islands.
Albatross Albatross
Photos of albatross in their nests.
Falkland islands birds Falkland islands birds
Falkland islands birds Falkland islands birds

It's incredible to see so many different bird species co-exsisting in a small place like this. With these beautiful last images, we leave the Falklands bound back for Ushuaia and, for most of us, back to home. Falkland Islands have been a very nice addition to our cruise to Antarctica and South Georgia, with lot of surprises and fantastic wildlife.

In October and November 2006, I did a second trip to the Falkland Islands, this time stopping here for two full weeks. Click HERE to open the Falklands website (opens in a new window).

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