Life in the Amazon rainforest

12-19 August 2005 

A local naturalist guide explained many aspects of the life in the Amazon forest. Where to get medications in the middle of nowhere? Where to find food and building materials? The Amazon rainforest in Ecuador has countless resources, including medicinal plants, but you need to know where to find them.

Building a trap in the amazon rainforest
Our naturalist guide explains how to build a trap using only very few basic items found directly on place.
Dragon's blood tree
This is the "dragon's blood tree". Cutting the bark, a dark red liquid leaks out. It can be used to prepare energetic drinks, to cure stomachache or, on teeth, can be used like a toothpaste.
Dragon's blood tree
Lianas used to build ropes
Lianas, once peeled-off, are used to make ropes. They are often used to tie roofs and they normally lasts for about 4 years (after this time, they must be replaced).
This plant produce a flower around August, which can be cooked and eat like potatoes.
Ink for body decoration Ink for body decoration
This fruit contains a red liquid, that can be used to paint decorations on the body.
Fibers from palm's leaves
Our guide explains how to extract very strong fibers from palm's leaves.
Butterfly's larva
Butterfly's larva Butterfly's larva

This fruit is produced by a palm and, sometimes, it may host three butterfly's larvae. The larvae are edible and are also used as a bait for piranha fishing. There is no entrance hole, but an hole is left when the host leaves.
Vanilla tree
Making an incision on this tree's bark, a while liquid, tasting like vanilla is produced.
Vanilla tree

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