Quito day tour

20,21 August 2005 

Guided day tour in Quito, the Ecuador's capital, has an altitude of 2800 meters above sea level and is surrounded by several majestic volcanoes creating a beautiful landscape. Quito is considered one of the most beautiful cities of South America and is an UNESCO site because of the rich history.

Cotopaxi volcano from Quito Quito, Ecuador
Photo of Cotopaxi volcano and Quito seen from an hotel in central downtown.
Not too far from Quito downtown, there is a cable way that climbs on the top of a nearby hill, to an altitude of 4100 meters, from where there is a spectacular view.
View of Quito, Ecuador
A panorama of Quito and the volcanoes around, seen from the top of the mountain.
View of Quito, Ecuador
Cotopaxi volcano, Ecuador
Another photo of Cotopaxi.
Cable way above Quito
Pictures of Quito cableway.
A panoramic photo of about 180 degrees from the top of the cableway.
Quito cathedral Quito cathedral
The day tour in Quito continues visiting the cathedral. Unfortunately in some of the places it is forbidden to take pictures, so I can't show you what to expect.
Quito central plaza
Quito central plaza Quito central plaza
Pictures of Quito: the central plaza with government palace (top pictures) and lateral streets (pictures below).
More Quito photos.
Compagnia of Jesus church, Quito
The excursion in Quito continues visiting the Compagnia of Jesus church.
A church in Quito
Photos of another church in Quito.
San Francisco square, Quito San Francisco square, Quito

Quito San Francisco square.
Quito, Ecuador
Pictures of Quito taken from a viewpoint not far from downtown.
Equator monument, Quito, Ecuador
The tour continues visiting the Equator Museum, an interesting place where you can experiment the effects of staying exactly above the equator line or in one of the hemispheres. In this picture, me with a foot in northern hemisphere and another in the southern one.
Totem pole, Ecuador
A totem, with one of the figure pointing where the sun rises on March 21st and September 21st (equinox).
Equator line, Quito, Ecuador
How the water turns while flowing from a washbasin?At the Equator museum in Ecuador, not too far from Quito, you can experiment the direction of the rotation of the water's vortex inside a washbasin when flowing away, depending on the hemishpere: 1) Exactly over the equator 2) In southern hemisphere 3) In northern hemisphere It seems incredible, but it is enough to move the washbasin by just a few meters from the equator line, to see the effect. On the equator line there is no vortex, but the water flows vertically.
Equator museum, Quito, Ecuador
Over the equator line the forces are balanced, so it is relatively easy to put an egg over a pin's head.
Solar clock, Ecuador
A solar clock indicating current time, corrected to local time. As the clock is located exactly above the equator, only one face is actually illuminated by sun, depending on season.
Pululagua crater, Ecuador
The tour around Quito ends visiting Pululagua crater, a few miles out of the city.

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