Photography equipment used in the Amazon rainforest

A brief description of the equipment used to take the pictures throughout this voyage, including macros in the Amazon rainforest (this trip was made in 2005, so most of the equipment is now very obsolete).

Panasonic DMC-FZ20
Panasonic DMC-FZ20
Superzoom camera with 5 megapixel sensor, 36-435mm optics, plus 3x digital zoom. The lens is f2.8 throughout the entire zoom range and it is stabilized (I can often take perfectly steady pictures at 35mm, with an exposure of 1/5th of sec.). Excellent for wildlife, landscapes and any low light condition.

Add on lenses:

1) Macro lens Olympus MCON-40, 55mm thread, 2.5x factor
2) Wide angle Olympus WCON-07, 55mm thread, 0.7x factor
3) Tele lens Canon TL-55, 55mm thread, 1.4x factor


1) Circular polarizer, 55mm thread
2) Graduated neutral density filter (used to make the sky darker in backlight conditions) 2 stops, 55mm thread.

A portable CD recorder, stand alone (no PC required) lets me to burn the CDs on place (it accepts the memory cards directly and burns the CD with a single button press), giving me a virtually unlimited picture capacity. Just to be safe, an additional backup of the pictures is made each time on a portable hard drive, accepting memory cards as well (no PC required).

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