Canadian arctic Flight to Ellesmere island via Yellowknife, Cambridge Bay and Resolute <<-- GO
Getting to Ellesmere requires a long flight, with one stop in Yellowknife, one connection in Ikaluktutiak (Cambridge Bay) and one layover night in Qausuittuq (Resolute Bay), before the final leg to Alexandra Fiord by chartered Twin Otter.
Kayak on Ellesmere island Camping on Skraeling island, off eastern coast of Ellesmere <<-- GO
The kayak expedition to Ellesmere island begins with a short introductory paddle from the airstrip in Alexandra Fiord to Skraeling islands, where the first camp is set up. Skraeling island is very interesting for the many archeological remains left by ancient Eskimos.
Camping on Ellesmere island Camping on Ellesmere island where Alexandra Fiord ends in Buchanan Bay <<-- GO
Back on Ellesmere to set up a new camp, approximately where Alexandra Fiord ends into Buchanan Bay. Time for long hikes on Ellesmere and for further observation of archeological remains from the ancient Eskimo.
Ellesmere island Ellesmere island trek to inland glaciers <<-- GO
After four hours kayak trip along Ellesmere island's coastline, we move southeast, where a new camp is set up on a suitable place. The following day, a spectacular hike to a mountain glacier ending into a frozen lake, awaits us under a perfect blue and clear sky.
Tundra Camping on Skraeling island after a kayak trip along Ellesmere island coast <<-- GO
After about seven hours of paddling, we go back to Skrealing islands, setting up the camp on a different island of this tiny archipelago just off the eastern coast of Ellesmere island. There are many birds and archeological remains here.
Nunavut, Canada Kayak trip to Ellesmere island along opposite side of Alexandra Fiord <<-- GO
We continue paddling north along eastern coast of Ellesmere island, close to the 79th parallel, on the opposite side of Alexandra Fiord, a nice spot for long hikes over moraines and paddles around the nearby tiny islands.
Papaver radicatum Ellesmere kayak expedition - going back to the airstrip, camping halfway <<-- GO
Our kayak expedition in Ellesmere island is about to finish and it's now time to retrace our steps back to the airstrip in Alexandra Fiord, with one night stop halfway to have some rest and to discover new places.
Twin Glaciers Camping near Alexandra Fiord airstrip on Ellesmere island <<-- GO
The last camp on Ellesmere island was located near the airstrip at Alexandra Fiord, where our chartered Kenn Borek Air Twin Otter will collect us the following day. From the camp, I've trekked to the beautiful Twin Glaciers, by a short hike over tundra.
Qausuittuq Day tour to Resolute Bay (Qausuittuq) in Nunavut <<-- GO
The Twin Otter arrives on time at Alexandra Fiord and brings the group back to Qausuittuq (Resolute Bay) where is necessary to stay one night, before continuing south. Pictures from a tour to Resolute Bay are included in this section.
Yellowknife Flying to Yellowknife and Yellowknife city tour <<-- GO
Flight from Resolute Bay (Qausuittuq) to Yellowknife, where I've spent two nights, before the connecting flights to my country. Having night stops between flights creates a safety buffer to better handle any delay and gives the opportunity to discover more places.
Pelican case Digital photo equipment used during the kayak expedition to Ellesmere <<-- GO
In a so adventurous trip, where no computer or recharging facility is available, it's necessary to bring appropriate equipment and to protect it from water and mechanical shock. Here you will find details on the equipment I've used back in 2004.