Camping on Ellesmere island

8, 9 August - 2004 

Kayak trip back to Ellesmere "main land" to set up a new camp, at a point where Alexandra Fiord ends into Buchanan Bay. Time for long hikes carrying only a very light day pack, and for further observation of archeological remains left by ancient Eskimos.

Walrus Walrus
Walrus Walrus
During the short kayak trip from Skraeling island back to Ellesmere, we continue to spot many walrus. It's very nice to hear them when they come out from the water and snore. This animal is powerful and aggressive, and can be dangerous during kayak trips, so we stay more than far away from them.
Arctic ocean by kayak Arctic ocean by kayak
Arctic ocean by kayak Arctic ocean by kayak
Paddling in the Arctic Ocean among icebergs and smaller ice floes.
Landing again on Ellesmere island.
Ellesmere island, Nunavut Ellesmere island, Nunavut

Huge icebergs are piled up on the beach by high tides.

The temperature above zero causes the icebergs to melt slowly.
Ellesmere island, Nunavut Ellesmere island, Nunavut
Ellesmere island, Nunavut
Photo of Ellesmere island
Lichens Lichens
A nice orange lichen, with a close-up on the right. Although no vegetable is higher than few centimeters in Ellesmere island, the place is a real paradise for botanists, as the tundra hosts many unique species.
Lichens Lichens
Lichens Lichens
Other different lichens.
A black lichen growing on the rocks, the diameter is about 5cm.
Fox trap Fox trap
We continue to spot numerous artifacts left by ancient Eskimo. In these pictures, a fox trap. Normally there aren't moving mechanisms, but the fox just cannot escape once inside ( by jumping or turning back).
Trekking ellesmere island
I take a nice long walk around the basecamp.
Silene acaulis
Silene acaulis

Trekking Ellesmere island. Near something that looks like an old moraine or a stream, I can observe several, very nice Silene acaulis (diameter 15cm).
Silene acaulis Cassiope tetragona
Cassiope tetragona
Pedicularis lanata
Saxifraga oppositifolia
Typical tundra vegetation. Left: Pedicularis lanata (4cm tall). Above, a nice Saxifraga oppositifolia (4cm in diameter).
There are also several mushrooms.
Ellesmere island Ellesmere island
arctic hare arctic hare
arctic hare

An arctic hare, found on the way back to the camp. I wasn't prepared for such encounter, so my camera wasn't properly set for fast action. She was friendly, but didn't wait enough... after just seconds she disapperead behind the hill
Ellesmere island
Ellesmere island

I finally return to the camp, through the beach.
Midnight sun Midnight sun
Midnight sun

At about midnight, a break in the clouds lets us to enjoy a spectacular midnight sun.
Midnight sun on Ellesmere island Midnight sun on Ellesmere island
Midnight sun on Ellesmere island Ellesmere island
The bay under a wonderful midnight sun illuminating Ellesmere island.

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