Ellesmere island trek up to the icecap and glaciers

10, 11 August - 2004 

We move our camp again, paddling to a bay in the Arctic ocean about 4 hours away. The following day, a spectacular hike to a mountain glacier ending into a frozen lake, awaits us under a perfect blue and clear sky. This is the Arctic at its best!

Iceberg Iceberg

We start to paddle again, moving our camp to a different area along the eastern coast of Ellesmere island.
Ellesmere island camping
Ellesmere island camping

We set up a new camp in a beautiful bay of Ellesmere island.
Duck eggs
Kayak expedition Ellesmere island Ellesmere island
Ellesmere island Ellesmere island
Photos of Ellesmere island. Ice floes and icebergs are piled on the beach by high tide.
Canadian arctic
A 250 degrees panorama around the bay.
Canadian arctic Nunavut, Canada
More pictures of Ellesmere island, along the east coast just south of Alexandra Fiord.
Nunavut, Canada
Panoramic picture of Ellesmere island.
Polar bear trap
A polar bear trap built by ancient Eskimos.
Nunavut, Canada
From here, we start a full day hike to a mountain glacier ending in a frozen lake, trekking through magnificent scenery.
Nunavut, Canada Nunavut, Canada
The first obstacle is a river. We will have to cross it with naked feet and forming a chain, a quite chilling experience!

Nice red leaves. Although it's still August, the autumn is already coming.
Ellesmere island
We reach a spectacular point with a wonderful view. This is a 280 degrees panorama: the Bache peninsula is visible on the left; Greenland is faintly visible in the center / center-right sector of the panorama and finally, on the right, the glacier where we are going.
Me in front of Bache Peninsula
Glacier Glacier
Glacier Glacier
Beautiful pictures of Ellesmere island taken inland, where we finally reach the glacier ending in the semi-frozen lake.
Nunavut, Canada
It's now time to go back at the camp for a late-night dinner.
River crossing
Again... we have to cross the same river.
Midnight sun
Midnight sun

Midnight on Ellesmere island. The sun is at its today's lowest elevation.
Icebergs Icebergs
Although the sun is shining high in the sky, the temperature is quite low, so a thin layer of ice develops on the calm waters inside the bay...
Icebergs Icebergs
Later, with the low tide, the thin layer of ice covers actually the beach.
Ice crystal Ice crystal
A macro of strange ice crystal. The picture has been taken from a distance of about 1 inch in super-macro mode (equivalent of 70mm lens).
The following day is again partly cloudy...
Ellesmere island by kayak
Ellesmere island by kayak

...but still cold, with the kayak behaving like a kind of icebreaker.
Arctic ocean
Luckly, there is no ice out of the bay, and we can continue normally paddling thru the Arctic ocean.

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