Yar Sale Getting to Yar Sale, the start point of the expedition <<-- GO
Yar Sale is the last outpost before the desolation of the Jamal peninsula, in the Siberian region of Yamalo-Nenec, and is the main logistics base for Nenets people, the nomads of Siberia, who migrate seasonally with the herds of reindeers. Spending a few hour in the city, reveal a nice architecture and an interesting small museum.
Traditional Nenets chum (tent) The typical day of a Nenets family from morning wake up call <<-- GO
The typical day for a Nenets family, a nomadic ethnic group of northern Siberia, starts early in the morning checking weather and snow conditions, before breaking the camp and loading all the materials on the sledges pulled by reindeers. Nenets people follow the migration of the reindeers, moving the camp almost every day.
Capturing a reindeer by lasso Gathering the reindeers all together <<-- GO
After breaking the camp, Nenets begin the complex operations to gather together the reindeers, separating males from females and capturing the leaders by lasso, an hard work that a Nenets start to learn from a very young age. Samoyed dogs provide valuable assistance, while in the air resound the screaming voices of the shepherds trying to rule the animals.
Herd of reindeers The annual migration of the reindeers and nomadic Nenets people <<-- GO
Once the heard of reindeers has been gathered, Nenets finally leave for the today destination, in search of new pastures where the animals can find the necessary sustenance. The distance run is usually around a few tens of kilometers, with some modern snowmobile used an an aid over the sledges pulled by reindeers.
Nenets of Siberia Setting up the camp to spend the night <<-- GO
After a tiring day, as soon as the shepherds arrive at their destination with the reindeers, it's time to set up the camp again and pitch up the tents, unloading the materials transported on sleds first. After a quick dinner, usually based on raw fish and reindeer meat, it's finally time to sleep under the reindeer skins.
Yamal Peninsula Photos and information about Yamal Peninsula <<-- GO
Although this is mainly an ethnic expedition, where the main target is to live for a few days together with a Nenets family, we must not forget that the trip takes place in a region featuring a very unusual landscape, that will certainly unleashes traveler's curiosity. And then ... how to resist to the beautiful northern lights?
Salechard Salekhard the capital of Yamalo-Nenets region <<-- GO
Salekhard is an interesting town looking much different than other cities of Russia, featuring modern and colorful buildings. The main attraction is the beautiful museum of natural history, where mammoths and other mummies are some of the best you can find in the world.