Pond Inlet Pond Inlet photos and information <<-- GO
Pond Inlet (Mittimatalik in Inuktitut language) is a small Inuit community located in northern Canada and, thanks to the spectacular landscape and to the wildlife, the town is an ideal starting point for a variety of tours in the region.
Ice floe Camping over an ice floe in the Arctic ocean <<-- GO
The edge along an ice floe is a dynamic environment that offers the opportunity to enjoy plenty of Arctic wildlife and to have interesting excursions in the surroundings, thanks to the camp built directly over sea ice very close to the open water.
Sea ice Photos of Arctic landscape along Baffin island <<-- GO
Pictures of polar landscape taken along the northern coast of Baffin Island, not far from the community of Pond Inlet, taken during numerous excursions on the sea ice at the beginning of the summer.
Narwhal Arctic wildlife - narwhals and polar bears <<-- GO
Pictures of typical Arctic wildlife, including narwhals, polar bears, seals, walruses and flocks of birds flying in beautiful formations above the pack ice. A real safari in the heart of the Arctic ocean, but still in the comfort of a fixed camp.
Saxifraga Day excursion to Bylot Island <<-- GO
Bylot Island is separated from Baffin Island by a narrow channel of water (Eclipse sound) and is included in the protected area Sirmilik National Park, thanks to the presence of archaeological findings and for the interesting vegetation.



Iqaluit Iqaluit pictures and information <<-- GO
Iqaluit is located on the southern part of Baffin Island in Canada and is the capital of Nunavut. In spite of its relatively southern latitude, the city has a polar climate, and the tundra, as well as the sea ice, are the ideal places of interesting excursions.
Dog sledge Tour in Iqaluit by dog sledge and ATV <<-- GO
Excursion from Iqaluit by ATV along Sylvia Grinnell river and half day tour by dog sledge over the frozen sea in front of Iqaluit (Frobisher bay). These are just samples of the tours and activities available in Iqaluit.