Salta (Argentina) Exploring Salta, main gateway to northern Argentina <<-- GO
Salta is a must-stop for everyone who want to visit the northwest of Argentina and the Puna de Atacama. The city is very interesting for its colonial architecture, for the numerous churches and for the archaeological museum of high mountain (MAAM) housing also three Inca mummies of children.
Cactus in Argentina Los Cardones national park and the towns downhill the Andes <<-- GO
The journey from Salta to Puna de Atacama begins across Los Cardones National Park (the second cactus forest in the world for number of specimens), before visiting several rural villages such as Catchi and Molinos.
Quebradas nord-ovest Argentina Quebradas of Las Flechas and Las Conchas - Quilmes Inca ruins <<-- GO
The journey to Puna de Atacama is not a simple car transfer from point A to point B, but it's a great opportunity to experience the wonderful northwest of Argentina, made of canyons, colorful mountains and interesting archaeological sites.
Campo de Pedra Pomez Puna de Atacama: day tours from El Penon <<-- GO
From the town of Hualfin, the road climbs towards the Andes and soon reaches the 3500 meters of altitude with the village of El Penon, which is the base for day trips to various attractions of this part of the Puna de Atacama. The first excursion is to Campo de Pedra Pomez, a chaotic labyrinth created by an ancient eruption and subsequent erosion of pumice stone.
Fenicotteri sulle Ande Excursion to Laguna Grande and Galan volcano <<-- GO
Day tour to the high-altitude lagoons, at 4500 meters of elevation, where thousands of pink flamingos can be admired (but only during the summer) in a landscape that seems to be extra-terrestrial. Other wildlife include vultures, foxes and ostriches.
Attraversamento della Puna Travel from El Penon to Tolar Grande through Puna de Atacama <<-- GO
The journey from El Penon to Tolar Grande takes place in the heart of the Puna de Atacama, among breathtaking landscape that change constantly, alternating between immense salt flats, colorful mountains, ancient volcanic cones and high mountain passes above 4500 meters. Tolar Grande is another great base for further day trips in the region.
Mina Julia e Mina Casualidad Day trip to Mina Casualidad and Mina Julia (sulfur mine) <<-- GO
Who has never dreamed to visit abandoned ghost towns? In the Puna de Atacama there are several abandoned villages, like Mina Casualidad and Mina Julia, left completely deserted after the business of sulfur mines has dropped. Mina Julia is located at 5200 meters, among sulfur and other minerals with psychedelic colors.
Deserto del Labirinto Ojos de Mar, the Labyrinth desert and Salinas Grandes <<-- GO
From Tolar Grande, the journey continues leaving the Puna de Atacama behind, visiting first the curious Ojos de Mar, the spectacular rock formations of the Labyrinth Desert and the immense salt flats of Salinas Grandes, before getting to lower altitudes.
Montagna colorata The Hill of Seven Colors (Purmamarca) and Jujuy's traditional villages <<-- GO
Before going back to Salta, I finally visit the beautiful Argentine province of Jujuy, which offers traditional villages, more Inca ruins and spectacular landscape dominated by colorful mountains.