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'' Airport City Transfer provides transfers in over 100 cities among all the world, contracting the service only with the best drivers. Thanks to the volume of the reservations provided, the price offered by Airport City Transfer will be lower than that of the same service when booked privately, and also the conditions will be more flexible, like changes and cancellations. Since 2005, Airport City Transfer served around 400,000 passengers. ''

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Matt Glieven       5 / 5   
Itinerary: Paris   

Thanks yet again for an excellent service provided. Both me and my family are very happy with both services provided by your company so far! Wonderful job!

Posted on 2019-11-17

Lottar Vosniak      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Malaga   

The transfer this morning was perfect! The driver was very kind and had the car seats installed in the taxi. He even spoke very good English. We appreciate the service you provide and will recommend it to our family and friends.

Posted on 2019-11-03

Andrew Maconnis      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Paris   

Outstanding driver, really good vehicle, was not expecting such a good service. I booked a last minute request and received a prompt confirmation. Very good service overall 5 stars!

Posted on 2019-10-26

Mortan Sontal      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Paris   

Excellent handling from the customer service to notify me about the military time, as I booked for 2 AM instead of 2 PM as I wanted. This saved me from paying a reservation for nothing. It was also a clean and brand new car with very polite driver on time. Very good service! Thank you so much!

Posted on 2019-10-20

Ronnie Jalksen      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Pisa   

Excellent service. Brand new Mercedes E-class, punctual & helpful driver, wonderful simply wonderful. Will book again. Ronnie

Posted on 2019-10-13

Normand Duffley      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Prague   

It was a pleasure traveling with you. The chauffeur was very professional and the tour I organized was exactly what we hopped for. It gave us the opportunity to take pictures and cruise around the most important locations in Prague on a 6 hours service. Very good service. I still got some transfers with you. Hope all will be of the same quality. In fact I am quite sure of this. Cheers.

Posted on 2019-10-06

Ann Bowers      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Malaga   

Thank you so much for getting my bag back to me safely today, it was a terrible shock as it contained our passports and phones and as you can imagine it was very distesssing. I managed to contact my family in England as I used a friends phone and she rang my mobile phone so the driver could hear it. Please accept a big thank you, and please thank our Driver for all his help too, we can now relax with a nice LARGE glass of wine and enjoy our holiday. Many thanks to you all

Posted on 2019-09-15

Betty Paulsen      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Frankfurt   

I had the pleasure to travel with this company 2 times now and each time I was very happy with the service provided by them. The prices are very good and the services are also top quality. I will book again in the future.

Posted on 2019-09-08

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