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'' Airport City Transfer provides transfers in over 100 cities among all the world, contracting the service only with the best drivers. Thanks to the volume of the reservations provided, the price offered by Airport City Transfer will be lower than that of the same service when booked privately, and also the conditions will be more flexible, like changes and cancellations. Since 2005, Airport City Transfer served around 400,000 passengers. ''

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Kim Bigerly      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Dogana Chiasso to Milan   

As the borders were closed it was impossible for us to get picked up from Swiss side although we had to go back home. My girlfriend lives in Milan so we need to get there. The driver waited for us 100 meters after the border as we crossed on foot. The driver called us,met us a scheduled, he had a mask, the vehicle was clean. It was a pleasure to travel with them during an unpleasant period. We will book with them again after this passes.

Posted more than a year ago

Nolland Jensen      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Milan city to Malpensa   

Excellent way of handling things during this crisis. I had traveled with this company before and now they have helped me to arrange a transfer back home. The driver was in the hotel lobby 10 minutes earlier, equipped with mask and gloves, helped us with our luggage. Short ride which felt safe in a hard period. Well done sirs!

Posted more than a year ago

Rodney Hughes      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Rome   

They provided a great service during the crisis of Covid19. We had to go from Rome hotels to Rome Fiumicino airport. They helped us arrange the transfer via the chat in minutes, called us to confirm the booking so we felt secure and we appreciated their prompt service. The driver was punctual and we got home safe. We would like to thank them and we are sure we will use their services again, once the pandemic has passed.

Posted more than a year ago

Jack Fodor      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Plovdiv to Sofia airport    

We want to thank this company for helping us getting us home during this crisis. We called them and they arranged this service in 10 minutes. The driver was there earlier, called before and everything went perfect. Reliable service!

Posted more than a year ago

Mico Lurnic      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Heidelberg to Frankfurt airport    

We had to arrange a transfer from Heidelberg to Frankfurt airport during the pandemic. We were worried as nobody answered. Still, they did answer and helped us arrange our transfer. The driver was on time, wearing a mask and gloves. We paid via Paypal to avoid handling cash. All was perfect. We are very thankful for the professional service provided!

Posted more than a year ago

Remy Moussete       5 / 5   
Itinerary: Madrid    

During the start of the Covid pandemic when things started escalating real quick in Spain, these people were the only ones that were still around to help us travel. We booked a taxi to the airport and got home safe and sound. I can tell you, it might not seem much in normal conditions, but during such a period, that really counts! Good professional work! We will recommend them to all our friends.

Posted more than a year ago

Rose      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Pescara to Rome airport   

I booked a transfer from Pescara to Rome Fiumicino airport, to get the only flight available during the lockdown for coronavirus. I was very worried because missing the flight would have been a disaster and the trip time from Pescara to Rome is well over 3 hours. However the driver was on time (actually early), the trip was so smooth and without any problem. I catched the plane and I am safely back home. Thank you SO much for this fantastic service, when all will be normal as before, I will book transfers only with you!

Posted more than a year ago

Raul Hermes      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Mainz to Frankfurt Apt   

We had a 8 person group travelling from Mainz to Frankfurt after a bad experience with a different company. We needed to arrange the taxi quick and we could rely on their service and promptitude. They replied within minutes on the live chat, they booked for us while we were preparing for the flight and the driver was there in less than 50 minutes after we booked. Very good service!

Posted more than a year ago

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