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'' Airport City Transfer provides transfers in over 100 cities among all the world, contracting the service only with the best drivers. Thanks to the volume of the reservations provided, the price offered by Airport City Transfer will be lower than that of the same service when booked privately, and also the conditions will be more flexible, like changes and cancellations. Since 2005, Airport City Transfer served around 400,000 passengers. ''

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Julie Brexent       5 / 5   
Itinerary: Turin   

We are in love with your service after the last trip we had from Turin Airport going to Alessandria. The driver was excellent. We also found the customer service staff to be very friendly and helpful during the booking process. We were 5 of us and the vehicle was very comfortable, equipped with infant car seats, exactly how we requested. We recommend your services to anyone travelling in the region, although we can see now it is not the only country you cover, which is super! I think we will use you whenever we travel across Europe.

Posted more than three months ago

Samuel Lovi      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Malaga   

I had a wonderful family trip arranged to Cordoba from Malaga airport arranged with this company. They have a very response customer service, friendly drivers and also luxury taxis for the most economic rates I found. Great I could also pay directly online.

Posted more than three months ago

Ziggy Opah      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Luxembourg    

I had an airport return transfer from Luxembourg airport to my hotel and it was very well organized and made feel very secure because the driver was waiting for me even if the flight was 3 hours late. I know this is simply procedure but for me it was really important. I did not even look for him. He called me when I was looking for a taxi. Really impressive!

Posted more than three months ago

Lesley M.       5 / 5   
Itinerary: Paris   

We had a nice short trip arranged trough you from CDG airport to Disneyland hotel. We had the help of your very driver, Marc, who carefully arranged all the luggage, and believe me when I say, I had a looot of bags. I am also a pregnant mother with 2 children and I really found this very comforting. He also had the 2 requested child seats installed which made me feel even more secure. The vehicle was in excellent shape and he also drove a little slower, just as I have asked him. Wonderful job you guys. You really won a client.

Posted more than three months ago

Denis Maubsey      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Milan    

I have booked a transfer form the Malpensa to Como for a very good price and was quite impressed on how easy was to book the trip and how well it all worked out. Thank you again for your for the excellent service!

Posted more than three months ago

Sarah Hopes      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Bergamo Airport   

Every time I traveled with this company was a certain pleasure, a sense of security never diminished. I cannot think of anything that went bad on the 4 occasions when I was there. I was each time waited by a friendly driver, nice car and was never late when I had to fly back home. Excellent job done each time by a very professional company.

Posted more than three months ago

Jammie Robson      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Trieste   

This company always did a great job when organizing my transfers. I am very thankful for all the help I got whenever I wanted to change my bookings and of course for the excellent trips I had in the area 4 times until now without a single problem so far. I recommended your company to all my friends.

Posted more than three months ago

Jammie Nielsen      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Rome   

No way of thanking you enough you guys. Very nice job in arranging my services airport to downtown and back both for very late hours. Best service I got in last 2 years. I will definitely use in the near future.

Posted more than three months ago

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