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'' Airport City Transfer provides transfers in over 100 cities among all the world, contracting the service only with the best drivers. Thanks to the volume of the reservations provided, the price offered by Airport City Transfer will be lower than that of the same service when booked privately, and also the conditions will be more flexible, like changes and cancellations. Since 2005, Airport City Transfer served around 400,000 passengers. ''

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Nicholas Deyer      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Lisbon   

This is probably the best service around. I had the opportunity to travel with this company on several occasions, always having my dear pets (2 big dogs) with me. The drivers were always nice to me and my dogs. I always been well received on time and the vehicles were immaculate. I have always wondered how they even accept pets in such vehicles. When I booked for the wrong date once, they found a vehicle while I was waiting in the airport and they have always updated my bookings even when changes were for services just 2 -3 hours away. I am using services like this for 10 years straight but whenever in Portugal I had bad experiences in 2 out of 3 of my trips. Can't say the same about their services. I am now using them for 3 years and I am very happy I can leave my feedback here where other people can see the reviews. I really hope that more people will find out about their professionalism and they will have as many clients as possible, because they really deserve this. When you read their first page you will find something like "no extra fees, no hassle, driver will wait for you"... These people really mean that. They stand by every thing they advertise. I recommended their service around and have been curisous to see what the other travelers thought about these as well and I am writing this review on their behalf to say that they really did a very good job in Faro as well. GO AIRPORT CITY TRANSFER!

Posted more than a year ago

Daniel Jonesen      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Verona   

I have booked several big excursions for my clients with this company in Verona over the past 2 years and the company did it's job to help me each time. I must say I was not able to find a company online that could arrange trips for 180 People in 2 weeks. Actually no company could arrange these trips at all. Airportcitytransfer did a great job with over 5 big groups so far. I am travel agent so managing big groups is often very difficult because lots of unexpected changes can ruin the whole schedule. Still with their help I managed to amend my bookings so that everything came out great. The buses were very clean and of good quality, the drivers and persons helping the passengers to board were also very experienced. The clients were very happy and so as I because arranging the trips was really as less stressful as it gets to be, when dealing with large groups like these thanks to an excellent customer service and also the local staff. I think it goes without saying that the professionalism is at its highest when it comes to their services. Top service for affordable prices.

Posted more than a year ago

Mark E. Morisson       5 / 5   
Itinerary: Malaga   

You guys are simply extraordinary. I was very pleasantly surprised to find our driver waiting after 4 hours of flight delay. We have been in contact with the customer service team all the time but we were very reluctant to believe someone will really wait for us all this time. The second trip from Malaga to Seville although it was a long one, it was a very nice one because of the lovely driver Sebastian. We will never forget this experience. He made brief stops along the way (while these were not included in trip's price) and explained the history and fun facts of all the interesting places on the way to Seville. We left him a good tip, but this is only because he was fantastic. We booked a transfer and got a trip with our private guide Sebastian:) Last trip to Seville airport was also a great one, driver on time (10 minutes earlier actually) brand new Merecedes V-class. Excellent experience overall on all 3 trips. I think you can not expect more than this. Also prices were the best we could find on the internet. Now even if your prices were double I would still book with you and no one else. I don't know how to thank you enough. You have been recommended to us by a friend also describing remarkable travelling conditions. However until booking these trips with you I must say I did not really understood why they were so thrilled but now me an our family truly understand why a reliable professional company can make the difference when trying to organize the perfect holiday, long or short. I will recommend you to all my friends and I am sure everyone who travels with you will do the same. I also posted my review on several other websites. Keep it up! The Morisson family

Posted more than a year ago

Keller Porte      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Pisa   

Excellent service on time and I never expected to find the driver after 3 hours delay. I will also book a return hoping for same good experience.

Posted more than a year ago

N.Perera      1 / 5   
Itinerary: Chartres, France to Paris   

I just left a 1-star review but wanted to add another comment. The booking confirmation email states that if there’s a change to the original booking within 48 hours, we are to call the emergency number provided in the confirmation email. I had to change my drop-off address and because it was less than 48 hours, I called the so-called emergency number as instructed. The person who answered was extremely rude! He literally yelled at me without even letting me finish a sentence saying this wasn’t an emergency! It’s as if he had no frigging idea that I was calling as per instructions of the 48-hour rule. Maybe this is how the French do business! If Airport City Transfer is a UK company, you need to seriously wonder about even offering your services in France! The taxi never came. No one from UK or France even had the decency to let me know the taxi wasn’t going to come while I was desperately waiting. I still don’t have a way to get to Paris and am stuck in Chartres. My whole day is ruined and I might miss my train to Geneva because of this mess. Awful business practices. Awful business. Total disrespect for pre-paid customer! I do not recommend this company at all. Maybe it will provide service in other countries but good luck if you’re in France!! In the end, you took my money (US$ 160) and no taxi and no customer service! . Horrendous service. I was assured a taxi to pick me up from Chartres and drop off in Paris today. The pick up time was 8:30am which would’ve given me enough time to catch my Paris-Geneva train. The taxi was late, so I kept calling the emergency number provided in the pre-paid booking confirmation. They person who picked up the phone at first said, taxi will arrive in 5 minutes. I kept waiting for 40 minutes while panicking! Eventually, I kept calling but then they wouldn’t pick up the phone. So then I asked a French-speaking friend to call the emergency number from a different phone. Then they did pick up the phone and they told her there’s nothing they can do, the driver wasn’t responding! This is how I found out my taxi wasn’t going to arrive! Such horrible French business practice!! I’m be paid around US$160 for this ride already. No one has this far contacted me at all. I’m sitting in an AirBnB in Chartres now trying desperately to figure out how to get to Paris! No trains on Sunday morning either. Worst encounter in my travels. Even in Asia, I have never experience this kind of callous disregard. Airport City Transfer, please refund the money immediately. Do not use this service. ever. I’m disgusted!
Answer by Airport City Transfer: Hello, we are very sorry to hear such negative feedback. From our side, I assure that there is no mistake, since your transfer was confirmed as expected by the assigned driver, through electronic signature. So, everything was confirmed and squared-up as required, and there is no failure from us. I likewise confirm that you followed the correct procedure by calling the supplied phone number, although, the drop-off address may be really communicated directly to driver once in the car (unless the new drop-off address is on a much longer distance, requiring different fare and a re-scheduling of subsequent transfers the driver has). We have now removed from service the involved driver, as our top-most priority is customer satisfaction. Of course, the amount prepaid has been refunded. If you have any question, please continue the discussion sending an email to our customer support department. Thanks for your kind understanding.

Posted more than a year ago

Marcus Grey      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Lisbon   

Brilliant service in Lisbon. After a long and hard flight the driver was there waiting for me. Clean and brand new vehicle. Top service. Next year will travel again in Portugal and you will be our first choice.

Posted more than a year ago

Livia Orbeles      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Vienna   

Even if we had a lower offer we knew from the start that it mattered to have a good bus for a long trip. We turned to them because they sent pictures with the luxury bus. We were in love so we booked with them until Budapest. Excellent service.

Posted more than a year ago

Silvio Mandrelja      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Malaga   

Outstanding service in Malaga. The drivers were very friendly and helpful. We have been requesting a lot of changes on the initial reservations. There was no problem for them. I would give 10 stars not 5.

Posted more than a year ago

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