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'' Milan Airport Transfer is specialized in providing transfers from Milan airports to any destination in Italy, Switzerland and France. Service includes Meet & Greet with flight monitoring and an extensive fleet of vehicle for groups of any size ''

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Kurtis Brown      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Como border to Milan city   

We live in Milan and we had a hard time getting back home from Switzerland as we had to arrange this transfer with a normal taxi until the border and with this lovely company from the border, which we crossed on foot until our home near Milan. The car was waiting for us at the border even before we got there, which was pretty reassuring, it was a new Mercedes sedan, the driver was very nice to us. We got to our house in perfect safe conditions. Lovely customer service also! We do recommend this company!

Posted more than a year ago

Sandra J.      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Turin to Milan Malpensa Airport   

We were pretty desperate to return home during this awful period with the virus and all. The company arranged our taxi in minutes, the driver was on time and he was very friendly and helpful. We were stressed and it was a long way from Turin to Malpensa airport, so his joyful attitude towards the situation helped us improve our morale. We really appreciate their professional service! Nice job you guys!

Posted more than a year ago

Nutlo Lupouard       5 / 5   
Itinerary: Milan city to Malpensa    

It was very nice to find out that there was a company to operate transfers during Covid19 period. At first we waited to see if everything will go back to normal but we saw things will not change so we arranged our trip back home. We booked a transfer from Milan city to Milan Malpensa airport. They sent us a vehicle in 2 hours as requested. The driver was equipped with mask and gloves for our safety. They were really professional. A company you can rely on!

Posted more than a year ago

Junken Orvart      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Varese to Malpensa   

We needed to arrange a transfer Varese to Malpensa airport in Milan. They answered the chat message withing minutes and in less than 10 minutes they sent us the booking module and we had our confirmed reservation. We are really impressed of how professional they are. The driver was at the hotel earlier than scheduled. Wonderful service!

Posted more than a year ago

Kimba D.      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Bergamo   

The situation got really bad and really quick. We needed a ride from our hotel in Brescia to Bergamo airport. Although the situation was really grim, we were lucky with this company. They scheduled our trip the same day, they sent a good and punctual driver and we are now home. Really good job!

Posted more than a year ago

Maurice Troupe       5 / 5   
Itinerary: Milan to Malpensa airport   

We were worried with this virus we would not get home. We needed to catch a late flight from Malpensa. It was the only company to answer during the pandemic. Actually we discovered we had nothing to worry about. They were professional. We owe them a big Thank you! We got home now and we just got the link to post the review.

Posted more than a year ago

Solec Visnaj      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Bergamo Airport   

We booked from Iseo to Bergamo Orio Airport. The service was great. Our taxi arrived on time, the vehicle was very good. The driver was nice and polite. We are very happy with the service and we are thinking of using them in the future.

Posted more than a year ago

Robert Vinard      5 / 5   
Itinerary: Milan   

This is the best service we had in years. We had a nice van, spacious, exactly as requested. The driver was waiting for us at Malpensa airport terminal. We went from Malpensa to Milan hotels and back. On the return the driver was on time. We got the discount 10 Euros, for return transfer. We will book again with them!

Posted more than a year ago

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