From Barentsburg to Svea by snowmobile


After a short break in Barentsburg, the expedition to Svalbard by snowmobile continues driving over glaciers and frozen fjords all the way to Svea for the first overnight.

Driving the snowscooter onto a frozen fjord
We leave from Barentsburg with our snowmobiles, driving over the Gronfjorden covered by a thick layer of ice and a lot of fresh snow, without tracks from other snowmobiles.
Driving the snowmachine onto a frozen fjord

We continue to drive over the frozen fjord.
Cracks on a glacier, Svalbard Cracks on a glacier, Spitsbergen
Crevasses on a glacier, Svalbard
Soon we arrive at a view point from which we can admire the Fridtjovbreen glacier full of cracks. We park our snowmobile in a convenient point and then we continue on foot to a better view point.
Glacier, Svalbard
Snowmobile trip to Svalbard
Glacier, Spitsbergen
After about 20km of drive, we arrive in the front of the same glacier, and we can observe it walking comfortabily on the frozen sea. The ice is not green or blue like usual, but the shape is very nice.
Polar bear's footprints
Polar bear's footprints

Several bear's footprints remember us that we are not alone here...
Spitsbergen island
We then continue crossing the Van Mijenjorden for all its lenght.
Snowscooters parked near Svea, Svalbard
After about 45km we appoarch Svea where we will spend the "night" (yes, because on April there are 24 hours of continuous daylight, without any trace of darkness, even at midnight !)

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