Spitsbergen East Coast by snowscooter


Snowmachine excursion to the east coast of Spitsbergen island, driving over glaciers and pack ice trapping huge icebergs, under the musterious light of the polar night.

Driving the snowscooter on Svalbard

En-route from the igloo camp to the east coast, driving over Rabotbreen and Konigsbergbreen. The visibility is not excellent, anyway, we can go ahead.
A glacier front on Spitsbergen island

On the fronzen sea, over Mohnbukta bay, close to the Hayesbreen glacier's front. The color of the ice goes from green to intense blue.
Iceberg trapped into frozen sea, Svalbard
Driving over pack ice toward Negribreen. Most of the icebergs are "calved" by the huge Negribreen during the summer, but on winter and springtime, these enormous blocks of ice remain trapped into the frozen sea and cannot continue their travel toward south. The contrast between the pink sky and the blue ice is absolutely spectacular.
East coast of Spitsbergen island East coast of Spitsbergen island
East coast of Spitsbergen island East coast of Spitsbergen island
At about noon, we decide to go back.
East coast of Spitsbergen island
Driving over the frozen sea is fantastic. Small cracks on the ice was sometimes present, but it was still possible to cross them without any danger.
We are not alone... The footprints on the picture should belong to a big male of Polar Bear (most females on February are still enclosed into the dans, together with their cubs).
East coast of Spitsbergen island
It is getting darker, while we drive to the south.
Glacier front on Svalbard Glacier front on Svalbard
We are now driving over Dunerbutka bay and near the Ulvebreen's glacier front. Even here the colors of the ice are fantastic, from green to deep blue !

Over Nordmannsfonna ice field, at an elevation of about 600 meters. In any direction, all that I can see is only ice, ice and ice, probably hundreds of meters thick and thousand of years old. I feel a little cold, and I don't want to imagine how many degrees are.

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