Sleeping in a real igloo.


The expedition to the most hidden parts of Svalbard starts today, driving the snowmobile from Longyearbyen to an area designed as campsite. Here, the group overnights into a small igloo (a real igloo --- not something like a luxury ice hotel) under a sky with millions of stars and northern lights.

The igloo built on our campsite, Svalbard
The igloo camp is located about 30 km from Longyearbyen and I've reached it, together with my group, by snowmobile.
The igloo built on our campsite, Svalbard The igloo built on our campsite, Svalbard
I've spent two consecutive nights inside this house made of ice, without feeling any cold (even if on the second morning the temperature was -25°C outside and -10,5°C inside).The igloo camp was a very good "strategic point" in order to reach the most remote and beautiful locations, durning the day.
A campsite on Svalbard A campsite on Svalbard
The heated tent were we had our meals and the snowmobiles under a light snow shower. The small tent used as bathroom is faintly visible on the right picture, behind the first snowmobile.
The igloo built on our campsite, Svalbard
The igloo under a smooth light of a beautiful mid-morning.
Northen lights on Svalbard Northen lights on Spitsbergen
Aurora borealis, Svalbard Aurora borealis, Spitsbergen
Northen lights Aurora borealis
The second night the sky was so clear that it was possible to see, thanks also to the big distance from the nearest town and its light, millions of stars (I'm not joking !), some falling star and dancing northen light. Even if the temperature was -19°C, it was impossible to resist to the temptation to stretch out over the snow to observe this incredible spectacle and take a lot of pictures.

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