Santiago day tour

August 08th 2003 

Day tour to Santiago exploring the modern downtown and climing the Santa Lucia hill for a panoramic view of the city and of the Andes in the background. Photos of Santiago del chile taken during a trip in 2003.

Flight to Santiago, Chile Flight to Santiago, Chile
Flight to Santiago, Chile

Flight from Madrid to Santiago. The airplane, an Iberia's Airbus A340 is flying "away" from the sun, like in a periennal night. After many hours of flight, the final destination is getting closer.

Finally the sun wins, reaching the airplane while crossing the Andes, just a few minutes before starting the descent into Santiago.
Santiago downtown, Chile Santiago downtown, Chile
Santiago downtown, Chile

The Santiago downtown has the aspect of any modern city, with tall buildings, large squares and pedestrian areas.
Plaza de Armas, Santiago, Chile
The central Plaza de Armas with the cathedral.
There are many cathedrals and chruches in Santiago.
Santiago, Chile
Pictures of Santiago. On the left, the stairs climbing to the top of S. Lucia hill in the city's center, from where there is a spectacular view.
Panorama of Santiago, Chile
A panoramic photo of Santiago visible from S. Lucia hill. The mountains behind the city, are up to 7000 meters high and are the highest peaks of the American continent.

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