Winery tour from Santiago in Chile

August 10th 2003 

The production of wine in Chile is getting bigger and more important year after year, therefore a tour in a vineyard near Santiago lets to taste excellent chilean wines and lets to discover the full production process starting from plant growing.

Change of guards, Santiago, Chile
The day starts with a short visit to the government palace, where there is the change of guards.
Vineyard in Chile Vineyard in Chile
We then continue to one of the many vineyards open to the tourists, where it is possible to visit the farm and the production plants. Chile is discovering the business of wine only recently. Currently, most of the wine is used for internal consumption, but in the future, it will be probably also exported. The process is done with advanced tecniques, like in Europe, for either plant growing and wine production.
Tour of a vineyard, Chile Tour of a vineyard, Chile
The machines used to separate and to squeeze the grapes. The machines are usually imported from Europe, mainly from France.
Tour of a vineyard, Chile
The containers where the fermentation takes place. Each of them has a capacity of 30000 litres and it is constantly monitored for temperature and other important parameters, by an electronic device.
Wine storage, Chile Wine storage, Chile
The visit continues in the storage compartment, having a capacity of one million bottles.
Finally, this plant can handle up to 24000 bottles per day, from putting a label, to pack the bottles in a wooden crate.The visit ends with an excellent lunch in the farm's resturant... where, of course, a glass of an excellent chilean wine shouldn't be missed.

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