Travel from Uyuni to Potosi by bus

August 16th, 2003 

The tour in Bolivia continues traveling by bus from Uyuni to Potosi, along dusty winding roads, paved only a few years later. The journey from Uyuni to Potosi offers spectacular mountain scenery, that is home to cacti and lamas and the distance is covered in about six hours.

The bus from Uyuni to Potosi
In a cold morning of the bolivian's winter, the bus from Uyuni to Potosì is ready to depart. The total travel time to destination is about 6 hours, the departure is expected for 10am.
Lama in Bolivia
Soon outside Uyuni, lamas and cacti (probably Oreocereus) populate the arid mountains and hills around the highway.
Uyuni - Potosi road Uyuni - Potosi road
Uyuni - Potosi road The highway from Uyuni to Potosì is just a narrow and dusty track of sand, clay and gravel, where there is often not enough space for two vehicles running in the opposite directions when they meet. Six hours in a condition like this, aren't so much confortable... and safety rules are probably just an optional... anyway, the landscape is spectacular, with majestic mountains and nice valleys all around, beautiful to see from the window.

Lost in the middle of nothing, humble farms and houses are scattered here and there. Occasionally the bus stops to let some passenger to climb or descent.
The bus sometime crosses bigger towns. A child looks the bus while it runs in the town's main street.
Uyuni - Potosi road Uyuni - Potosi road
At about halfway, the bus stops for a while, to let passengers to descend and walk around.
Uyuni - Potosi railway
The bus is getting closer to Potosi. Occasionally the old narrow-gauge railway connecting Potosì to Uyuni (service has been discontinued), is visible from the window.
Potosi, Bolivia
Finally, at 4 pm, the bus arrives at destination. Potosì is the world's highest city for number of inhabitants, 4050 meters, with a population of more than 100,000.

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