Transfer from Potosi to Sucre by bus and Sucre city tour

August 18th, 2003 

Travel by bus from Potosi to Sucre in Bolivia, followed by an excursion to a valley where dinosaurs footprints are still impressed in the rocks. Brief afternoon tour of Sucre, a nice colonial city declared as world cultural site by UNESCO.

Bus from Potosi to Sucre
It is just a short ride by bus (less than 3 hours) from Potosì to Sucre and it is the time to leave the dusty gravel tracks behind us, as, for the remaining part of the trip, the roads will be always asphalted.
Potosi, Bolivia Potosi, Bolivia
The trip starts from the suburbs of Potosì, then the road climbs on a hill from where there is a nice view of the city.

Sometimes the bus stops to let passengers to climb and descent (there are several small towns between Potosì and Sucre).
We finally arrive in Sucre, in a nice 4* hotel, with a beautiful internal garden.
Footprints from dinosaurus, Bolivia
Footprints from dinosaurus, Bolivia A few kilometres from the city's center, there is a site where materials for making the concrete are extracted. Incidentally, while working in the mine, a strange pattern was discovered on a huge rock composing an hill: further investigations have concluded that they are footprints from dinosaurs, so the affected part of the site was put under protection and no longer excavated.
Footprints from dinosaurus, Bolivia Footprints from dinosaurus, Bolivia
The footprints are well preserved and very clear. They are vertical because hundreds of millions of years ago, the place was situated at sea level and was flat / horizontal. Because of the action of the Nasca tectonic plate, the continent received a tremendous push from the west to the east, which caused the Andes to raise and the footprints to go vertically at an altitude of 2800 metres above sea level.
Sucre, Bolivia
Sucre, Bolivia

Back in Sucre, just before the sunset, we take a short city tour of Sucre.
Sucre, Bolivia
Sucre, Bolivia

Photos of Sucre. Like Potosì, Sucre is also declared a World's Heritage and Cultural site by UNESCO. Because of its white buildings, Sucre is also called "the white city". At 2800 metres above sea level, here it is much more warm than Potosì and it is easier also to breath.

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