Travel from La Paz to Puno in Peru

August 21st 2003 

Transfer by bus from La Paz to Puno, with a stop in Copacabana. Today we say goodbye to Bolivia, getting into Peru by scheduled bus service via Copacabana along the shores of Titicaca lake.

Titicaca lake on Bolivia's side Titicaca lake on Bolivia's side
Today will be another long daytrip by bus, traveling from La Paz to Puno, Perù, via Copacabana, a border town with a nice cathedral. Most of the road runs close to the shores of lake Titicaca, where Totora reeds are often visible.
After a couple of hours, it is necessary to cross a branch of lake Titicaca and while the buses are fetched by large barges, all the passengers are required to take smaller boats. The entire process takes just half an hour and probably saves hours and hours of driving around the lake.
Titicaca lake on Bolivia's side
On the bus again... with even more beautiful views over lake Titicaca.
Copacabana Copacabana
Pictures of Copacabana. At about midday, we reach Copacabana and its cathedral built with a mixed Spanish/Islamic architecture. It is important because it hosts the Virgin Mary and for this reason visited by many pilgrims.
Copacabana cathedral Copacabana cathedral
The internal of the Cathedral in Copacabana.
The belltower and the wide external courtyard of the cathedral.It is now the time to say goodbye to Bolivia... I'm sorry to leave this place, but I'm sure that a lot of exciting new adventures awaits me in Perù.
Puno, Peru
We arrive in Puno (Peru) in late afternoon and just after the sunset, I take a short city tour. This is the cathedral in the main square.

The external of the cathedral, with the decoration on the walls.
Puno, Peru
Picture of Puno. The narrow streets of Puno.

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