Streets and museums of Cusco

August 28th 2003 

Cusco can be easily considered one of the most interesting city in South America and hiking around lets to discover buildings erected over ancient Inca walls, picturesque corners and comperhensive museums dedicated to pre-colonial time.

Streets in Cusco, Peru Streets in Cusco, Peru
With its picturesque streets, Cusco is a nice city to explore on foot. Often, old Inca walls can be seen as they are used as a basementfor colonial-time buildings.
Precolobian Art Museum, Cusco, Peru
The external courtyard of Precolobian Art Museum, where plastic reproductions of different kinds of handicrafts, are collected and shown.
Precolobian Art Museum, Cusco, Peru Precolobian Art Museum, Cusco, Peru
Precolobian Art Museum, Cusco, Peru

Luckly, in this museum it is permitted to take pictures. Here there are examples of mortars, masks and bottles. In the lower-left picture, a small art gallery.
Pictures of Cusco. I'm now going to the Inca Museum, just a couple of blocks away.
Inca museum, Cusco
Inca Museum from outside. Unfortunately it isn't permtted to take pictures inside, anyway the museum is very interesting and comperhensive, taking long time to see everything.
I continue to walk in the narrow streets of Cusco.
Ancient Incas wall, Cusco, Peru Ancient Incas wall, Cusco, Peru
More photos of Cusco. A beautiful street with huge and very well preserved Inca walls.
Cusco, Peru
Plaza de Armas at night, with the fountain nicely illuminated.
Cusco, Peru
On the left, the cathedral (also in this case it isn't permitted to take pictures inside) and, on the right, the curch of Society of Jesus.
Cusco, Peru
A view on the square at night.

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