What to see in Accra in one day

30th November 2017 

Day tour to Accra, an African metropolis and capital of Ghana, with a visit to the Centre for National Culture and to the old district of Jamestown, which hosts fishing communities belonging to the Ga-Adangme ethnic group.

Accra Centre for National Culture
Depending on the location of your hotel, an Accra city tour may start visiting the Centre for National Culture and local handicraft market, which includes also a textiles market. Here visitors can still find genuine crafts made locally by artists, like wooden statues, paintings and clothes.
Traditional clothes market in Ghana
Traditional textiles in Africa

The booths of the textiles market offer clothes, bags, jewelery and fabrics in thousands of colors and classic all "African" patterns.
African paintings Traditional paintings in Africa
A section of the craft market is dedicated to art, here you can find hundreds of easy-to-transport canvases that can be framed later once at home.
Wooden statues Africa Handicraft market in Accra
Handicraft market in Africa Wooden elephants
Wooden statues. The handicrafts include an infinite variety of ornaments, statues and masks made of different types of wood and decorated using plastic beads.
Traditional containers (calabash) normally made with pumpkins or with the fruit of the Crescentia tree.
Unity statue
Statue of unity
A particular ornament is called "Unity" because it is carved from a single piece of wood, without cutting or gluing any part (therefore symbolizing the unity). The elements are mobile but can not be separated, while the structure can be collapsed like an umbrella to save space. Instead, once opened, it can work as a support for a tray or a cup.
Accra Anglican church in Accra
Accra is a fast-growing metropolis with contrasts among modernity and colonial or traditional buildings, while slow and congested traffic is a huge problem to consider when visiting the city (sometimes, hours can be necessary to travel for just a few kilometers).
Ghana national sanitation campaign
A national sanitation campaign in Ghana, invites citizens not to defecate or urinate on the street.
Carrying on the head How to carry things on the head
Walking around in Accra, it is not rare to meet people carrying everything in their heads: from fruits to roasted fish.
Jamestown district

A thing not to be missed when visiting Accra is the ancient Jamestown district, populated mainly by fishermen belonging to the Ga-Adangme ethnic group (this excursion must be made with an official guide, we advise against going there on your own).
Fried bread
Some street food in Accra: the stand of fried bread.
Favelas in Accra Favelas in Africa
The Jamestown district of Accra is a vast cluster of houses with a similar appearance to that of the South American favelas.
Traditional boats
Jamestown is located near the old port of Accra. In the distance, visitors can see a large number of traditional wooden boats used by local fishermen.
Smokehouses in Accra Smokehouses in Ghana
Smokehouse for fish Smoked fish
Producing smoked fish. The Jamestown district is populated mainly by fishermen whose main activity is to produce smoked fish using large metal barrels transformed into small smokehouses.
Accra old port Old port in Accra
Child on the beach Traditional fisherman boat in Africa
The beach and the old port of Accra, in Jamestown district.
Maintenance of the nets Fisherman in Ghana
Children on the beach in Africa Jamestown
Fishermen in Ghana engaged in the maintenance of the nets, while the children play on the beach.
Coffins brochure
The tour of Accra ends visiting a center where any kind of coffin is handmade from raw wood. An employee proudly shows sample coffins produced in the past, to help customers to choose one, however, the coffin can be even fully customized to own preference.
Making a coffin on order Personalized coffin
Snake shaped coffin Customized coffin

More samples of handmade coffins, just made and ready for delivery. According to tradition, the coffin should have the shape of the object that most represents the deceased, for example, a taxi driver may receive a car-shaped coffin, while a train driver could rest forever in a coffin shaped like the bumper of a locomotive.

There are more things to see in Accra, but visitors will usually need one additional day, as moving around is normally difficult and slow due to traffic. More tourist attractions in Accra are, for example, the Independence Arch, Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park and the National Museum.

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