Lome and its voodoo market

13th December 2017 

Where to buy a voodoo doll? Today we visit Lome, the capital of Togo, and its traditional voodoo market selling voodoo dolls, amulets and fetishes.

Monument to Indipendence of Togo Lome Independence Square
Hotel February 2nd

Our visit to Lome starts from the central Independence Square which houses the homonymous monument dedicated to the independence of Togo obtained in 1955. A skyscraper next to the square houses the hotel "2 Fevriere" (February 2nd) , named to commemorate President Gnassingbe Eyadema's return to Lome after surviving a plane crash in 1974.
Beach in Lome
Not far from the center of Lome, visitors can see the ancient port consisting of ruins of a long pier that starts from a beach.
Traditional market in Togo Lome traditional market
Also interesting is the visit to the Lome market, a classic African market crowded and full of stalls selling just everything.
Colonial buildings in Lome
Lome houses several historic buildings built during the colonial time.
Voodoo dolls shop Where to buy amulets
Black magic market Voodoo market
Where to buy a fetish Fetish market
Voodoo doll Where to buy a voodoo doll? The major tourist attraction in Lome, but frequented also by lot of local people, is probably the voodoo market among one of the largest and most comprehensive in West Africa. The fetish market sells everything necessary for voodoo rituals including lot of voodoo dolls and items used to make amulets and fetishes, which can be consecrated by a priest found directly on-spot. The ingredients used to make fetishes and amulets include parts of dead animals, something also confirmed by the smell coming out from the various stalls. For as much as it may serve, we have been assured that no animal is killed just for this purpose, but only died animals are collected to prepare such things. Furthermore, we have been assured that black magic is a practice not contemplated in this voodoo doll shop, so it is useless to buy a voodoo doll hoping to bring bad luck to someone...
Antique shop in Africa
The excursion to Lome ends with a visit to an antique shop, where there are dozens of very characteristic statues.

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